About US


TrustKernel aims at providing device manufacturers and application developers with security solutions based on trusted execution environment (TEE), to secure systems and applications. The company was founded by a team of PhD and postgraduates from SJTU at the beginning of 2015. It has an industry-leading capability of system security enhancement and system integration, with related worked published on academic conferences like MobiSys and ISCA. TrustKernel has developed deep industrial cooperation with world-famous chip manufacturers, OEMs, ODMs, internet enterprises, financial institutions and biometric identification companies home and abroad. Our products have now been widely used in smart phones and IoT devices.

TrustKernel works at two aspects: firstly, in-depth cooperation with major global device manufacturers on creating hardware-grade and system-level secure devices. Trustkernel's products have been deployed in thousands of device models, used by more than a hundred of device manufacturers, and are widely used in mobile payment, biometrics, device security and other fields. Secondly, based on the secure platform built with device vendors, TrustKernel provides hardware security ( such as the trusted execution environment, TEE) capabilities to third-party application developers and service providers. Currently, our secure platform has been utilized across many well-known applications, in providing financial security devices. From underlying system security to upper level application utilization, TrustKernel secures our smart life.


TrustKernel team brings together system security professionals in the academic and industrial sectors. The team members come from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), Peking university, Chinese academy of science and other famous research institution and well known internet companies. Eighty percent of team members have master or doctorate degrees. Being at the frontier of technology research, TrustKernel team and the world leading system security laboratory (IPADS labs of Shanghai Jiaotong University) have jointly conducted research on frontier inoovations and collaboration with different research teams of Shanghai Jiaotong University Information Security academy in developing security products and leading technology reserves. As one of the earliest team concentrating on security of mobile platform, the team has rich experience in operating system architecture and mobile security. Futhermore, having been invited to do technology research and produce product report on summits concerning mobile security and operating system.

Founder and CEO of TrustKernel, Dr.Li Wenhao has many years of experience in the operating system and security research field. Having won Shanghai Jiaotong University’s person of the year, Shanghai Jiaotong University Academic Star, Microsoft Scholar and the 17th Shanghai Municipality Award for the Mayor of Science and Technology Innovation. He also participated in the formulation process of many domestic industry security technical norms and specifications in various industries in china. During his academic period, he witnessed the rapid development in the field of system security among the academic community,. He constantly research about the various methods of combining emerging research technologies with smart device and internet industry. With the desire to improve smart living with cutting edge technology, he founded TrustKernel with the strong support of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2015.

Our innovation and product certification

Since the release of China's first secure kernel and trusted execution environment T6 in 2014, TrustKernel has been committed to maintaining leading innovation capabilities.


From research to industry

  • 2014-2018 research papers
  • 2015 Challenge cup academic technology competition national grand prize
  • 2016 Shanghai Lingang Cup Gold award youth venture competition


Through national and foreign testing agency certificate

  • Ministry of industry and information technology TAF TEE Testing and certificate
  • GlobalPlatform TEE certification
  • Shanghai Software Testing Center Product Certification
  • Ministry of Public Security Third Institute Safety Operating System Certification
  • Ministry of Public Security Information Certification

Industry Influence

Promotion and standardization of industry standards

  • China's first autonomous trusted kernel and trusted execution environment
  • Provide TEE safety assessment capabilities for institutions such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Assist SARFT and other agencies in formulating TEE industry safety regulations

TrustKernel Events

"The things that we expect will not happen naturally" 2019

TrustKernel won gold award in The 5th China "Internet plus" Entrepreneurship Competition Shanghai

Li Wenhao,founder of TrustKernel,was awarded the title of Outstanding Ph.D. in Shanghai

TrustKernel won BEST PAPER AWARD in VEE 2019

TEEv supports for multiple different TEE environments on mobile smart devices.TrustKernel has presented more than 10 academic research papers in the field of TEE and equipment safety,ranking first in the world

TrustKernel won Outstanding Automotive Information Security Platform Provider of the Year 2019 in AuToPros 2019

TrustKernel got the title of “New tech start-ups” in Minhang area

TrustKernel won 2018 Most Investment Value Award of Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award

TrustKernel won 2018 Innovation Excellence Award of Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award


TrustKernel research paper “Research on ARM TrustZone” published at ACM SIGMOBILE as cover

TrustKernel got the Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprises certified by Ministry of Science and Technology

TrustKernel got the title of New Start-ups in the 30th Anniversary Of ShangHai Technology Business Incubation

TrustKernel TEE protects more than 100,000,000 devices

TrustKernel team presented a research paper on mobile advertising anti-fraud at MobiSys on trusted behavior certification

This is the second paper of TrustKernel at MobiSys

TrustKernel Security Products is Recognized by investors in CCTV2 WE ARE THE HERO

TrustKernel Security Products provide financial-grade protection for smart devices and third-party applications

TrustKernel has deep cooperation with Baidu to build IoT Security Systems

TrustKernel team is invinted to present on ACM TURC 2018

TrustKernel team is Invited to National Research Foundation [SG]


Mayor of Shanghai Yingyong awarded the "Mayor of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Award" to TrustKernel founder Li Wenhao

TrustKernel TEE protects more than 20,000,000 devices


TrustKernel won silver award for 2016 National Youth Venture Competition

TrustKernel Displayed its Product "Mobile Security Operating System T6” at CIIF

TrustKernel products deployed across ASUS and other major mobile phone manufacturers

TrustKernel won gold award in Shanghai Lingang Cup Venture Business Competition

TrustKernel TEE products passed Security Certification by Global Platform for TEE products

TrustKernel TEE products passed TAF TEE product certification from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


TrustKernel won the National Special Prize in the 2015 Challenge Cup Academic Science and Technology Competition

TrustKernel Enables TrustUI SDK on XiaoMi Phone

TrustKernel secure OS T6 has passed the secure OS certification testing conducted by detection agencies such as The Thrid Research Institute Of Ministry Of Public Security

TrustKernel team presented a research paper on mobile advertising anti-fraud at MobiSys

This is the first research paper ever written and published independently by a mainland Chinese team at this academic conference!

Company Founded


TrustKernel officially releases second generation trusted execution environment security solution T6 based on ARM Trustzone


TrustKernel’s first-generation TEE and secure payment solutions pass Huawei’s acceptance


TrustKernel Research team was established to focus on mobile security core technology development