DAccess Smart Device Asset Protection

Chip-level security protects a large number of smart devices

Related Background

With the development of technology, smart devices can be seen everywhere in our society, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, smart displays, etc. Since 2016, the losses caused by device theft and fraud amount to billions every year. The thieves only need to make changes to the relevant information of the devices to resell them for illegal benefits, and the incidents of theft and fraud have not stopped so far, due to the high-value attributes of smart devices. This makes the device supply chain manufacturers, cell phone leasing companies, operators, and financial technology companies to explore the market while also bringing more risks. How to protect device assets has been a great concern for various industries.


T6 Architecture

DAccess smart device asset protection solution enables remote fine-grained control of smart devices. It supports different instruction set architectures and processor chips, and can be applied to different devices such as cell phones, tablets, auto parts, bicycles, drones, robots, etc. The security is very high because of the optional chip-level protection technology TEE and customized ROM. Not only device side technology is included, but also remote server side technology is provided to enable very efficient partner access.

Core Features

High security

Support ROM customization

Optional chip-level protection technology TEE

Powerful features

Fine-grained comprehensive control

Support various customization

Easy access

Complete and easy-to-use SDK

The ultimate experience

Basically indifferent to use