Smart Internet Of Vehicle

Intelligent and connected, safe travel

Pain Points

Lost and forgotten keys

Traditional physical keys for cars, which are small and easy to lose and forget

Car sharing difficulties

Family and friends use the car, need to meet to share the key, others the hours of car use can not actively control

Unable to control remote access

Unable to start the car remotely, open the windows trunk and other operations

Vulnerable to cyber attacks

The attacker is able to start the car by forging credentials to perform a cyber attack on the car

Single function

Only support single smart device, can't be used in multiple smart terminals synchronously


Solution Architecture Diagram

Solution deployment/introduction

  1. Deploying a digital key management platform in the cloud by deploying a Bluetooth/NFC digital key module in the car, installing a digital key app in the cell phone.

  2. The user opens the digital key function in the mobile app or other smart devices, and the cloud sends relevant certificates and key credentials to the mobile app. After the cell phone or smart device is connected to the vehicle and relevant security authentication is performed to confirm the user's identity and authority, the user can use the smart device to control the car operation.

  3. Users can use the device equipment to locking and unlocking, remote starting and synchronization of vehicle status. remote control of air conditioning, windows, sunroof, trunk control, etc.. Execute one-touch start after entering the vehicle, and the vehicle will also automatically welcome you.

  4. The owner user can also operate in the mobile app to share the digital key to friends, set the sharing time limit and sharing permission, and then the friends can get the shared digital key credentials from the cloud after logging into the mobile app and use the cell phone to use the vehicle.

Core Values


No need to carry traditional car keys, just a cell phone

Richer control functions, remote opening, intelligent car control

Safe and convenient sharing of vehicles, remote sharing of keys via cell phones, getting rid of meeting troubles

Automobile Enterprise

Intelligent car management, only one cell phone can realize one-stop service such as test drive, borrowing and returning the car

Provide better value-added services with the convenience of pushing value-added services through digital keys

Differentiated Application Scenarios for new fields such as autonomous driving and new car insurance



Intelligent Car Control

Carry the digital key close to the vehicle, the door will be unlocked automatically, away from the vehicle, the car is turned off and the lock is automatically closed. Users can operate remotely on the mobile app to unlock and close the doors, adjust the windows, sunroof or open the vehicle trunk, air conditioning, and also start or shut down the engine, find the car and sound the horn, etc. The App will also synchronize the vehicle status in time to achieve intelligent control.

Intelligent Sharing

With the help of digital key, car owners can realize remote car control, share the key to the chauffeur to pick up the car at the designated location, enjoy the services such as car washing and refueling, and at the same time, they can set the time of using the digital key. Protect the safety of the car