TrustKernel wins 2023 ICCE Industry Innovation Practice Award

On November 3rd, 2023 China Automotive Software Conference was successfully held in Shanghai Jiading. With the theme of “Gathering Software Power, Creating Digital Intelligence Future”, this year’s conference featured one conference forum, four theme forums, and five major highlights of the release and concurrent activities. more than 500 leaders from competent departments, domestic and foreign business leaders, upstream and downstream industry chain elites, experts and scholars gathered to discuss hot and key industry topics such as intelligent car connection, basic software, industrial software, and automotive operating system, Automotive operating system and other industry hotspots and key topics were discussed in depth.

At present, the development of intelligentization and network connectivity drives the accelerated integration of automobiles and intelligent terminals. The development of intelligent Vehicle-Link industry has entered the fast lane, and the technologies represented by the interconnection of automobile and intelligent terminals, digital car key, etc. are developing continuously. However, how to promote the synergistic development of multiple parties, avoid ecological fragmentation, and promote the unification of technical standards has become an urgent issue for the automotive industry.

In this forum, ICCE Industry Innovation Practice Award ceremony was held at the same time, and TrustKernel Information won the practice award with its automotive digital key solution.

Our automotive digital key products have covered a number of mainstream communication technologies, which have been successfully applied in more than twenty OEMs and have realized mass production. These technologies have a high degree of security and stability, providing users with a more convenient and secure automotive experience. We will continue to promote technological innovation and make greater contributions to the development of automotive digitalization and intelligence.