TrustKernel won the "Industry Benchmarking Award".

Recently, TrustKernel won the “Industry Benchmarking Award” in the “New Quality Productivity Venture Competition” co-sponsored by Shanghai Stock Exchange Center, Shanghai Registration Center and Shanghai Hongqiao Fund Town, and it was the only enterprise in the information technology track to win the award.

In order to deeply implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on financial work, fully implement the requirements for high-quality development of finance, and solidly improve the development level of financial science and technology, Shanghai Stock Exchange Center, Shanghai Registration Center, and Shanghai Hongqiao Fund Town, adhering to the concept of development of common business, sharing, common construction, and win-win situation, have co-hosted the “New Productivity Venture Competition”. In order to further strengthen the communication and interaction in the field of equity investment, provide enterprises with opportunities for resource integration and promote the high-quality development of science and technology enterprises.

Since the start of the competition on April 19, 2024, the competition has attracted the participation of many outstanding project teams. After fierce competition and strict selection, TrustKernel won the highly coveted “Industry Benchmark Award”. This honor is not only a high recognition of TrustKernel’s technology and product innovation, but also an affirmation of its contribution to the development of the industry.

TrustKernel’s Trusted Execution Environment security system, digital key and other products to trust, isolation as the core, with multi-level deep defense system to protect the security of intelligent vehicles, has been adopted by more than 20 automobile OEMs. Meanwhile, TrustKernel’s trusted execution environment technology is in the international leading level, innovative combination of terminal security products and financial products, landing financial security and data security business. Its products have been commercialized in 1 billion smart terminals, including cell phones, tablet PCs and other smart terminals.